Singing in the New Year

Yes, that title is an attempt to make a play on words with the phrase "ringing in the new year."  New Year's Eve is just around the corner.  And as we think about new year's resolutions, gym memberships, the post-holidays letdown, I am thinking about what I'm going to be preaching on next. 

Here at King of Glory we enjoy solid biblical preaching.  And I love to do my best to deliver it! I'm delighted to announce the new sermon series.  On Sunday, December 31st I will begin a sermon series through the book of Psalms!  You might be thinking: that will take a long time to get through all 150 chapters in that book.  I thought that too.  Instead of walking through each of the chapters, I hope to give you a selection of some of the "classic" psalms, somewhat like the "greatest hits" album that you'd expect from your favorite musician.  

As we "sing" along with the psalmists, we will experience the joys and sorrow of life lived as those who walk by faith.  I invite you to shuffle up to the speakers and take in the tones and tunes of the psalms.  Your life will be enriched.  

What are some of your favorite psalms? 

in Christ, Pr Brett