Thinking and Responding Biblically to Gender Identity Issues in Culture

For the last few weeks our adult Sunday School class has been learning about and discussing gender identity issues in the culture. I promised to give the students in that class links to recommended resources to read, listen, or watch to continue growing in wisdom concerning this important topic. Below you will find general recommendations of sources for excellent content from a biblical worldview along with recommendations of individual articles or videos.

Recommended Sources:

Breakpoint - John Stonestreet

World Magazine and/or “World & Everything In It” daily podcast

Focus on the Family

Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood- they have a weekly summary with links to stories about gender and sexuality in the church and in society

Individual Resources:

Pastor Wade Mobley, President of AFLC Schools, at FLY 2019

Owen Strachan sessions at Free Lutheran Schools in 2017

He, She, Ze, Zir? Navigating pronouns while loving your transgender neighbor

Responding to a Transgender Family Member